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    A whole family that shares the dream of Severino. A dream whose contours have been defined by Severino’s son Enzo, and his nephews, Nicola and Davide. The true secret behind it all is a tight-knit family and a strong relationship of trust and confidence cemented over the years with the staff and collaborators.

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    A plot of land that was mostly overlooked and regarded as not worthy was chosen in the fifties by Severino Lorenzon. Five hectares of land, the River Isonzo as a trustworthy ally, and the lush wilderness surroundings, this is how the story of I Feudi di Romans all began.


    Over 500,000 bottles of wine are exported to some 24 countries. And while having a wide distribution network is indeed important, adopting and following respectful and sustainable viticultural practices is for us even more important.


    Our commitment today and for the future is to develop new wines that tell our story, and that define us as a family bound to their land and passionate about sustainability. For a future where our wines end up on dinner tables all over the world.

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