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    The river’s constantly changing course has left rich sand and veins of pebbles behind. It was exactly this type of land that Severino, together with his son Enzo, chose for his vineyards in the Friuli Isonzo denomination of controlled origin zone.


    A plot of land that was regarded as not much worthy, was what Severino Lorenzon chose to bet on in the fifties. And today that challenge has turned into some one hundred hectares of sun-drenched vineyards along the shores of the Isonzo.


    River Isonzo is the highlight of Friuli Venezia Giulia. It is the symbol of the heritage and the blending of different cultures. The emerald green water of the Isonzo is the prime element of life for our vines and we look after every single bunch of grapes following only the best practices: no weed control treatments, subirrigation and bunch thinning is done by hand.

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    The fruit of an idea. The result of a rich wine-growing heritage with a special regard for vineyards and the surrounding natural environment. A commitment, ours, which translates into grapes with rich flavours and aromas that ultimately tell the story of this unique region.

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